In this section you can download our server software for Mac and PC to allow for automatic and manual printing. You can also download our Photo Booth and Seating Chart guides to walk you through the steps to create events and what to do when you arrive at the events.

Our guest list software is a program that you will install on your Mac or PC. Here are the steps for using our software.

1. Download the software below.

2. Enter your guests names and table number. When you want to add a new guest simply click on Add Guest. As a side note, all fields must be entered. You need to fill out a Surname (i.e Mr. & Mrs), a First Name (i.e. John), a Last Name (i.e. Williams), and a Table (i.e. 12).

3. If you want to take a break from entering names or you want to save your work click on Save Event. You can then click on Load Event and select that file to continue entering names at a later time.

4. When you are finished and ready to email the form you will save that file to your desktop. You will then attach the file and photos for the slideshow to

If you have any difficulties, please contact the owner, Keith, at (609) 820-1044.